“I let the location and human interactions
motivate my passion for stories while traveling the earth.”

Bob Felderman


Bob Felderman | Bob Felderman Photography
Artist – Photographer

Bob Felderman (b. 1955, Dubuque, Iowa) is a Midwest USA-based photojournalist and commercial photographer. He has traveled much of the Planet Earth seeking out human interactions. In his role as a strategic planner and operator, he has met various people who lived or worked in poverty, middle and upper-class citizens, and Kings and Presidents who rule or run their nation, which has had an immense impact on his philosophy of life and storytelling. These opportunities helped shape his creative focus on life challenges and opportunities for the inhabitants around the globe, of which his photojournalism and commercial photography brands now focus.

He received his BFA in Photography from the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design of Lakeland/Denver, Colorado, in 2021; a BS in Aviation Management & Flight Operations from the University of Dubuque in 1988; and an MS in National Security Strategy in Washington, DC, in 2001. Bob spent four decades serving our nations’ military, and locally as a real estate broker.

Since 2010 he began storytelling through photographs and continued his experiences traveling the globe. He now accepts freelance photojournalism, commercial photography, and writing assignments for press, publications, and other media clients. Look for Bob on the backroads and river roads of America and the world as he uses photography and cinematography to tell stories about good & happy people or issues.

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