“As an artist, I love to play with color. I love to deliver emotion through it and I love to make memories shine with it.”
Jenna Lueck


Jenna Lueck | Jenna Lueck Art
Artist – Painter

I grew up on a dairy farm in the hills of northeast Iowa, and I was always in love with the beautiful scenery around me. I could go find beauty elsewhere, but I always had that pull to come back home. I loved my family, the landscape, and the close-knit community. Needless to say – I never stayed away for long. Now, I’m raising my own family in these same hills!

My mom always told me, “If I could paint like that, I would try to find a way to share it.” Now, I have my husband, kids and many others intrigued by my art as well. Deciding to paint professionally was a big step for me, but with a great group of supporters behind me, it was an easy decision to make. I started Jenna Lueck Art because I want to share the beauties of this world with others.

Whether it was a vacation you were on or the countryside where you grew up, I hope my landscape paintings bring wonderful feelings to your heart and intrigue you. I hope they pull you in and allow you to “get lost” for a moment or two. I hope my acrylic sunset paintings add brightness to your day. And, I hope my Iowa landscape paintings will remind you of that peaceful, calm and beautiful country drive that you took with a loved one.

As an artist, I love to play with color. I love to deliver emotion through it and I love to make memories shine with it. Maybe, that’s because I see things differently through my eyes. Many times, when I look back at photos, they just don’t do the original scene justice. I strive to make my landscape paintings have that extra flair that brings out the true beauty of a subject and really relays how I felt in a given moment. I hope that you can feel it too!

My first full series of Iowa landscape paintings was inspired by my home – the Eastern Iowa: Balltown series includes the farms, landscapes, and the fog on the river that I always loved seeing as I rode the bus to school when I was younger. In 2019, I added in the Skyscapes of Iowa series, so I could share some of the amazing sunrises and sunsets that I adore. Currently, I am excited to be adding even more landscape paintings to these series to share with you – I have a lot of new inspiration to work from!

You can find me and my landscape paintings at numerous art shows throughout Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois and also in many galleries, medical buildings and private collections!

Balltown, IA 52073
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Board of Directors

  • Henry Matthiessen III
  • Amy Laskye
  • Stephonie A Schmitz